Thursday, October 4, 2007

Man Kicked Out of Mall...for living there

One of my favorite blogs, The Consumerist, has a story about a man who was kicked out of a Providence, Rhode Island, mall after living in an unused utility space on and off for four years.

This is awesome to me. Well, not that he got arrested but that he did it in the first place. This truly was a childhood fantasy of mine, to live in a mall or grocery store or some other commercial place, just to see what it was like at night. I think Today's Special may have influenced me a wee bit too much!


  1. I know this post is from almost 6 months ago, but I just had to comment - I can't believe I've found another person that remembers Today's Special! I used to love that show as a kid! (And yes, always thought it would be fun to be locked in a shopping centre overnight).

  2. I was just talking to someone the other day who can actually SING the theme song! I can hardly even remember the words, but I remember the characters.


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