Thursday, October 11, 2007

payday please!

My financial life is a little wonky right now.

My Treo is not working properly and keeps deleting the spending tracker that I keep on it. I lost three months' worth of data last week and now can't enter anything in except on my home computer. I guess this will teach me to back up my Treo more regularly, but it's irritating. The data loss was not that important in the long run--I don't usually go back and check what I spent money on every month or anything like that (though I've been wanting to start) so it' more an annoyance than a genuine problem.

I went out to eat last night, and spent my last cash money for the pay period on the meal. I probably shouldn't have, but work has been beating me up lately and I just couldn't face cooking.

I'm going to drop a hefty bit of cash tonight on a massage for Spa Week. I try to treat myself twice a year to a massage and facial or other beauty treatment. Spa Week's specials are $50 per treatment, which can be a hefty savings--a $50 hour long massage would normally run more than $110, so it's a great deal. I always flinch when I pay for these things, but in the long run it's totally worth it. Actually, I should amend that to say that the massage is always, always worth it, and usually the facial is too (although I'm not actually a huge fan of facials). Starting this year, however, I'm trying to branch out and get one different type of treatment done each time. Six months ago it was teeth whitening, which proved to be somewhat painful, horrid-tasting, and with minimally noticeable results. This time it's laser hair removal. Mr. Boyfriend has had it done, and although I'll be going for a more sensitive area, I'm pretty sure I can handle the process. It made a noticeable difference on him, so I'm hoping it does the same for me. If it works, I'll try to go to a session each spa week, so it will take me years to get the complete results (they recommend six to eight sessions total). If not, I'll switch to a pedicure for April's Spa Week--while I get manicures from time to time (and I mean like three times a year!) I've never had a pedi.

My checking account and money folder are completely wonky. I was out of town at the beginning of the month and my system completely fell apart. I also mixed up my account numbers a few times when making deposits and withdrawals (new bank!) so I'm not totally sure what money belongs where, but I'm not in danger of overdrafts or anything. It's just not as by-the-spreadsheet as I typically like. One payday should take care of that, though.

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