Thursday, November 1, 2007

Expenses I Hate

So, every once in a while I get irritated about expenses that are normal, everyday, because-you're-a-human-type of expenses. I recognize that these are either things or services I need to pay for, but it just irritates me that they exist. In no particular order, they are:

Fees I Think I Shouldn't Be Charged At All
This includes service recovery fees on my cell phone, a 9/11 fee on airline tickets, banking fees (which is why I recently changed banks). Pretty much any surcharge. Federal, state AND local taxes on any one thing. Automatically included gratuities. Toll roads and bridges.

Things I Hate Having To Spend My Money On But Know They're Necessary
Toilet paper and dish soap (when living with always feel like YOU'RE the one buying it all the time and no one else pitches in, even if that's not the case). Female necessities, including extra trips to the doctor and birth control prescriptions.* Bottled water. Deposits for anything. Broker's fees. Insurance copays. Curtains.

Things I Avoid Doing/Getting Because Spending The Money Seems Outrageous
Drycleaning. Shoe repair. Organizers of any type. Pens/pencils (when was the last time you truly had no pen or pencil to your name?!). Art. Music.

Things I Don't Mind Paying For, Ironically
Renter's Insurance. Taxes (within reason). Lemonade from lemonade stands.

*If guys could have babies, birth control would be ubiquitous and free. Ha!

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