Monday, December 10, 2007

I have long been a "see a penny, pick it up" kind of person. The most I've ever found on the ground was a $20 in a Walgreens parking lot (which I got to keep when no one claimed it), and I found a lucky penny in front of the Wynn in Las Vegas (I went on to hit two $250 jackpots consecutively). After some news reports of Operation Lucky Bag, New York City police officers are operating, however, I find that I won't pick up money on the street--and it seems like I'm seeing it everywhere!

A while ago, while walking into a subway station in the middle of the night, I passed a frighteningly large wad of money on the stairs. The outer bill was a $100. I didn't even touch it, just acted like I didn't see it and kept on going. Friday while walking home, there were a couple $1 bills on a main corner at an intersection near my home. I left it there. Saturday, a single dollar in the aisle of the bus I was riding was making me incredibly uncomfortable until a very drunk guy got on board and exclaimed "HEY LOOK A DOLLAR!" and gave it to the driver. (Drunk Guy then proceeded to be very startled that he was not wearing a hat).

I've long known that society is more apt to keep found money than to turn it in, but now I'm afraid to do even that. I'm afraid that if I pick up money left in one of these sting operations and try to do the right thing but don't see the very closest plainclothes cop, I might be questioned or arrested--so instead, I do nothing. It's a very bad mindset to put people in.

In other news, I attended my second non-participatory Secret Santa gift exchange this year. The first one, I was informed of two months earlier and completely forgot (also subsequent emails failed to include reminders, and only two people ended up remembering out of 8, so I didn't feel so bad). The second, at lunch today, was when a department I'm not part of but work closely with invited MY department to have lunch with them, and I was the only one who ended up showing. They were going to do their Secret Santa later but asked if I minded, which of course I didn't. I hate Secret Santa gift exchanges, as I always get something perfectly useless and am tortured about what to give. The ones where you have a name ahead of time are only slightly better to me than the Dirty Santa or White Elephant games, in my opinion.

And in still more news, I pulled one of my free credit reports today, and am happy to say that all is well. I've started doing a staggered routine, pulling one company every four months rather than all three at once. For the most part, the information is accurate and the same across all three (I don't have much credit in general), so this way I'm getting a year-round view instead of once a year. I recommend everyone do the same.

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