Monday, December 3, 2007

*feeble waving from sickland*

Related to my post about using credit card rewards (something I’m working towards), Seven Reasons to Use Your Credit Card for Everything. This is something that I’m moving toward, using my credit card for all recurring, expected costs like dance classes and utility bills, then paying one lump sum per month to the credit card. I can’t set up auto-bill for many things right now—in fact, only my cell phone and Blockbuster membership are on it—since my expenses vary so much. I pay 50% of my electricity and cable bills, so I can’t even estimate a way to set that as an auto expense. Same for dance classes—it’s the same amount every time I purchase a 10-class card, but the speed at which I go through those cards varies with my schedule. Still, I won’t make another major purchase except on my credit card, and I’m planning to do all my (budgeted, saved-for, planned) Christmas shopping on my credit card as well.

This couple, however, takes it a little too far!

As much as I like personal finance, maximizing my options, and playing with details, I do have a life outside of it. Throwing this kind of management into the mix would ensure that I never did anything fun again.

Many apologies for the delay in posting—I’ve been swamped both in my personal life and at work, and have come down with my second cold since October, so I’ve not been up to posting much lately. I’m working on rectifying it, though—aiming for three regular posts per week instead of pressuring myself to post every day, which leads to procrastination when I miss one.

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