Friday, February 15, 2008

Could you start over with $25 to your name?

Found this in a pennypinching community.

Adam Shepherd, inspired by Nickel and Dimed, made it his goal to start with $25 from a homeless shelter and, within a year, have a furnished apartment, a car, and $2,500 in the bank.

Entire article here. Impressive.


  1. Definitely impressive... though coming from that background and knowing how picking yourself up works-- and thinking that it can be done-- is a good start!

    I saw your interview on My Open Wallet, and was both impressed and envious-- I have my Masters in International Development and have been trying to break in to the UN-- or any legitimate NGO or international-focused non-profit (currently doing domestic health and economic development work) for a while now, and not having the kind of success I'd like. Do you have any tips?

  2. The sad state of affairs is that it's really, really difficult to get into an NGO and actually work at the UN. There are a limited number of ECOSOC badges to go around, and it's difficult to break in from a low-level (once you've made a breakthrough in your field, it's fairly simple, it seems).

    A couple things I'd suggest: be willing to be an intern. Try to get involved with the NGO/DPI conference the week before the UN General Session begins--you can the page for 2007's conference here; 2008 should start showing up in a month or two.

    I was quickly disillusioned when I started with the NGO I worked for. I was badly disillusioned with international politics on the one hand, and the absolute ridiculousness of the internal politics of the NGO on the other hand. I'm sad to say that it left a bad taste in my mouth for both entities. I've not kept up with anyone at all from those days, and I tend to view the experience as a giant mistake on my part aside from the fact that it got me to New York.

    I'm sorry I don't have more direct advice, but truthfully, it's a chapter in my life that I'm glad is closed.


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