Saturday, February 23, 2008

Extreme Downsizing

I love this.

Family moves from 6,000 sq foot home into 370-sq foot recreational vehicle.

Seriously, I love it. I used to want to live in a school bus in the woods (um, I was kind of a hippie for a while). I thought it would be so cool.

Now, I'm a little more practical, as well as having realized that the ecological impact of a bus rusting in the woods would be, well, not friendly. My one-bedroom apartment seems like a pretty good size for the indefinite future. I couldn't imagine having kids in there, but for one or two people, it's just about right. How do I figure the square footage? I feel like it's not quite as easy as measuring each room and then adding it together...or could it be that simple? Anyone?

I've spent the last five hours at a lovely little Starbucks knock-off coffee shop in an orgy of free wi-fi. I may need to redo my budget to include at least dial-up. Giving up the internet is proving to be painful, and I'm betting that $4 chais times several times per month is going to wind up more expensive than NetZero or something similar (on the other hand, at least here I get social interaction, which has more than a dollar value on it but...I digress).

Have a lovely weekend!


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