Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I wish it was raining like it's supposed to be

Day 2 of the February-March Lunch challenge: more fail.

I remembered my granola bars! But I forgot my lunch. *headdesk*

In my defense, Tuesdays are always my fuzziest day since I never get home before 10:30 on a Monday night. STILL. Lunch was made on Sunday and just sitting in the fridge waiting to come to work with me. Oops.

I picked up homemade soup and a roll for $2.25.

I realized yesterday that the tuition and fees tax deduction expires in 2007. Of course, I did not pay my share of tuition or fees for my grad program until AFTER January 1. It's possible they will reinstate this for later years, so I'm saving all my receipts just in case.

I got my first check from Pinecone Research in the mail yesterday. I didn't open it up to see how much it's for, but yay! I also followed up with several survey companies I used to take surveys for (Mindfield Online, SurveySpot, and OpinionSquare) and found happily that I have a few dollars in some of the accounts. This is not big money by any stretch of the imagination, but any little bit will help boost the efund at this point. And I realized I am due about $70 as a credit for the cable/internet at my old place, which means I'll have put $125 into the efund so far this month, plus the difference in March rent (I am getting a 10-day credit for the second month--another $300!). And hopefully I'll get my security deposit back on Saturday, so suddenly I'm feeling a lot more financially secure.

And, well, that's it. I'm trying to make the rest of the week (including today's lunch) on the $20 I currently have in my wallet. We'll see!


  1. i hear your woes. i had to put gas in my car and i had to use my credit card... and i've been doing so well not using the plastic.

    hmmm... which of those survey sites is the most reputable and financially worth it?

    i'm thinking of doing this. thanks!

  2. Well, all the companies I listed above, as well as e-Rewards, I have personally received something from.

    I caution that it's NOT a lot of money, and some companies "reward" you with merchandise rather than cash. I wouldn't expect to make more than $50 per year from each place, but if you don't mind doing surveys, it's a nice way to pass the time.


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