Thursday, February 21, 2008

A mashup

Mighty Bargain Hunter has a very helpful post about seven pairs of easily confused money terms. Very helpful! I've bookmarked it for my own future reference, since some of those terms (tax deduction vs. tax credit, for example) have confused me in the past.

I'm debating taking my spending tracker and making it transparent--that is, posting it here. That's a little intimidating, frankly, but I think it might be more helpful than simpy dutifully entering numbers into my Treo and never doing any real analysis of what's going on. I've lived with a paper budget for so long now I think I've become a little lax and could use the motivation of having it open to inspection to be a little more strict with my budget categories.

I don't have internet at my new apartment--at least, not reliable internet. I'd hoped that I'd be able to get on an unsecured network for basic email checking and such (there are enough cafes around me I thought it might even be possible to latch on to one of those instead of "borrowing" a neighbor's signal) but alas, that's not the case. There's one unsecured network that has a poor signal and only shows up sometime, so as yet, my internet needs are not being met in my apartment. I have already decided to not get cable, but to give up internet (!) is a much more difficult prospect. I am working on getting my Treo hooked back up as a modem, but even then, the speeds are dial-up quality. I wish AT&Ts naked dsl was offered in my area, but it's not. For now, I'll continue to do without and spend weekend days at a local coffee shop if withdrawal pangs get too bad.

And, lastly, I've managed to bring in an extra $225 in cash this week (!) unexpectedly by qualifying for a couple of focus groups/market research studies. While this really should go straight into the emergency fund, I am keeping it aside since my sister will be visiting me in two weeks. Spending this cash money while she's here (it's expensive to have visitors!) will keep me from using my debit card, so really it evens out. I guess I'm treating it like extra mad money, but it's to prevent me realy blowing the budget since I see spending "opportunities" coming up. Now, if only I could keep this trend up and continue bringing in a couple extra hundred per month, I'd build that emergency fund back up real quick.

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  1. that's a nice windfall in the "mail". have fun with your sister!


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