Friday, February 22, 2008

The New "Renting"

The Consumerist has a very interesting article (especially check out the comments!) about the "retail renting"--when a consumer purchases something knowing full well they will use it and return it for a full refund. Formerly a problem mainly of the formal wear department (prom dresses, etc), it's now affecting all retailers, from regular clothing to high-end electronics.

Is it legal? Yes, it appears to be. Is it ethical? I don't particularly think so.

I understand that corporations often seem like faceless entities, and we feel like we want to get something for nothing, or otherwise benefit from their unweildy operations and lax return policies, but come on, people. If you truly buy something and change your mind on it or it doesn't work out, that's one thing. But going into it knowing that you'll be bringing back something after you've used it--that's just cheap and tacky. And I, for one, am all about being cheap, but not when it's combined with tacky. :)

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  1. hear! hear! it's so tacky when people return clothes they've already used. if they can't afford it they shouldn't be out buying clothes in teh first place! tacky... tacky... tacky...


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