Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Plan for Sunday

It's been a mostly money-free weekend. I bought a few groceries on Friday night, lunch at Wendy's and a chai at the coffee shop on Saturday, and so far, nothing today. I also "made" $50 when I met up with my old roommate and we settled out my share of the money we've brought in for stuff we've sold. We still have a couch set to sell which HOPEFULLY will go today, and that'll be another $175 for me (straight to the e-fund!).

Financial paperwork-wise, I spent a few hours at the coffee shop organizing my electronic records for taxes. It looks like I estimated well and will have enough to cover what I owe, but I won't hold my breath until I actually put everything into TurboTax. I'm still waiting on at least one more tax form, and I'm starting to get a little irritated about it.

Today, my plans include the following:
  • Organize hard copy paperwork for taxes--receipts, etc

  • Organize the box I've been tossing all my mail in through the move

  • Balance checkbook

  • Menu planning, grocery shopping, and make a price book

  • The grocery store closest to me is rather shockingly more expensive than I'm accustomed to (a can of beans I'm used to buying for $1.29 was $2.99, for example). There's another grocery store a block or two further in the other direction, but it's the same chain as the cheaper store I used to shop at, so I want to do some comparing between the two and start learning where's the best place to pick up certain items. There's also a fresh fruit/veg market near the other store, and I want to get some fruit for snacks during the week. The menu planning is especially important considering that tomorrow starts my official commitment to Give Me Back My Five Bucks' February-March Lunch Challenge.

    Right now, the only things in my refrigerator are:
  • half-used jar of pasta sauce

  • bottle of water

  • stick of butter

  • almond paste

  • lots and lots of breadcrumbs

  • In the cupboard, I have:
  • red lentils

  • two packs of ramen

  • box of cereal

  • jar of honey

  • Quite clearly, a real shopping trip is in order.

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    1. well your sunday seems like it's pretty full. good job on selling your funiture. do u sell them online?


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