Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day, the morning after

Since it seems to be a meme going around on the blogs I read, I'll post one, too.

I went to work (it was traditional Lunch Ladies' day), went to school, and went to a friend's house for a singles Anti-Valentine's party. I ate yummy Trader Joe's chips of some kind, chocolate chip cookies and cheddar popcorn (which I normally hate). And drank some merlot. Had lots of fun chatting and looking at Etsy jewelry, decided to have my friend custom-make some jewelry to match a few of my costumes. Surprisingly didn't bash on men or anything like that. Actually had a lovely time, and made a new friend.

Total cost: $6 (for entenmann's cookies, my contribution)
Total enjoyment: quite a bit. And I didn't have to get all huffy about the commercialism, either.

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  1. it seems to me u had a lovely valentines day! great post on How to move to NYC


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