Thursday, February 14, 2008

Where's my clothing fund?

I'm so mad.

I just ripped a hole in my favorite pair of pants in the entire world, a softer-than-kittens pair of cargo-y khakis from Express. I bought them with a gift card I received from a friend for helping him plan his wedding. They fit perfectly, are worn in just right, and I love them...and now they're ruined.

I'm irritated because I knew this was going to happen at some point, but it would have to be a pair of pants I like this much. There's a thing under my desk that I guess would have an under-desk keyboard tray thing put in--I've requested that it be removed several times, but it's never been done. That thing's got some sharp corners, and five minutes ago when I went to cross my legs under my desk, it ripped right through the thigh of my favorite pants.

I might be able to turn them into shorts for summer but I'll still have to buy another pair of khaki pants now. (I prefer them to jeans for casual Fridays and almost-casual Thursdays, since most of my jeans look like ratty college-student gear.) Grrrrrr.


  1. You probably won't be able to salvage them for office wear, but you could totally patch them--they'd be just fine for weekends.

  2. Loehmann's on 7 Ave. in Chelsea offers a 10% off discount card - you can ask for it at the cash register when you check out. Also, if you go to the Filene's Basement website and sign up for their emails, they often send out coupons. Or try doing a search on Ebay for the same pants. I know, you'll still have to spend money but maybe some of these ideas will help!

  3. Awesome! I did not know about the discount card at Loehmann's (and I do love me some Loehmann's). I'll have to sign up for Filene's coupons too....I'll need to watch out that I don't start getting the shopping bug when I don't need it, but since I clearly need to buy some new khakis anyway, I might as well save some $$ while I'm at it.


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