Friday, March 21, 2008

Epic budget fail!

Lunch challenge status for this week: roundly failed. General budget status for this week: roundly failed!

Yesterday's lunch ladies lunch turned into an equal-split-fest when we realized that our chosen restaurant was substantially more expensive than our typical fare, and it wouldn't be reasonable to ask the payer to foot the bill for all of us. Yes, we could have left...but I sucked it up and forked over $40 for lunch. Ouch! That's half my food bill for the pay period, so I'm clearly going to go over budget (especially considering my Costco trip tomorrow). I wouldn't change it though. I'll have to do some juggling, and eat in for the rest of the month, but it was a fun lunch and I am developing relationships that will hopefully last the rest of my life. I am not going into debt to pay for a $40 meal, and as I mentioned last week, I do feel like I sometimes get too strict on myself regarding how I spend money. I'm definitely not making a habit of it though! (And I did take the leftovers with me and I had them for lunch today.)

Then tomorrow I'm going to Costco with a friend, to do some stocking up and also some taking stock--I've been considering getting a membership but I don't want to do it without knowing whether it would likely actually save me some money. She's got a membership and she's willing to let me piggyback for a day, so I can check it out. If I like it, I might get my own, or offer to split hers (if I can get my own card). I want to stock up on things that will help me keep my grocery bill low like granola bars and frozen stuff, rather than paper products like toilet paper and paper towels (since I really don't have storage space for that stuff, and I don't find it terribly expensive for one person). The food will be cheaper per item, PLUS will save me from running to the grocery store to just get a box of granola bars and then coming home with three bags of stuff. Or running out and picking up a single bar from a bodega for 1/2 the cost of a box of six. I do need to make a list and stick to it, and take a set amount of money along and stick to that too (shouldn't be too hard; apparently my only payment options are AmEx [which I don't have] or cash).

My general budget status is fail, as I've not been keeping very good track of my spending and put all the money in my wallet instead of the envelopes and thus spent it all, and I've got a week till my next payday. And I've actually got plans, since a friend is in town for the holiday weekend (luckily she's a thrifty sort, so I know I won't be spending THAT much money, but I will be spending some).

Oh, well. We can't all be uber-responsible all the time, and at least I can still cash flow everything. Just have to be more careful in the future!

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  1. it's always depressing when you fail your spending plan but im sure you'll bounce back in no time. i;ve recently started using the envelope system and i found out how incredibly easy and efficient it is to use. it also mentally prepares me on how much money i can spend on something and perhaps helps me curb my spending 'cravings'.


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