Saturday, March 15, 2008

A frugal Saturday

And it's a good thing, since tomorrow probably won't be so cheap! (I don't know why I always think of brunch as being an expensive meal, since it's certainly cheaper (and for some reason, usually more fun) than a dinner out.

Today, I ran some errands and met a friend for tea to discuss my job and her career interests. This is the first time I've been asked to give advice like this, and that was kind of cool. I think I probably talked a little too much about my job instead of asking questions about what she's interested and helping her figure out the best place in publishing for her--but frankly, that's something I'm still trying to figure out for myself. It might be one of those situations where you can give better advice to someone else than to yourself, but I don't know. She at least feels pulled towards editorial, whereas I just want to be surrounded with books all day in any capacity. We had a very nice time, though, and it's all experience for the future.

I also rented a movie from the library today, which, shamefully is something that had not quite occurred to me before. I got Wedding Crashers, which somehow I've never seen. The bad part is, though, that it's due in three days and I can only get to this library on Saturdays (I'm a member of both the New York public library, which I hit during the week, and the Queens library, which I can only visit on the weekends. So I'm going to have to find a way to drop this off early or pay so much in late fees I might as well have gone to Blockbuster. I should have asked before checking it out, but I assumed that it would be for a week, as the NYPL and Blockbuster rental periods are. I'm going to put this knowledge to some better use, though, by requesting movies through the NYPL and picking them up when they come in. Have you heard that some libraries (and mom-and-pop rental stores) are essentially using Netflix to service an entire community?

The next two weeks will be a budget challenge for me: I've noticed that since December, I've not been really conscientious about sticking to my budget for a number of reasons. It was the holidays, I got my heart broken, I was travelling, I was moving, I had visitors. Always an excuse. And it's not that big of a deal, really--I've not gone into debt or anything. But I'm not sticking within my budget guidelines. I'm borrowing from this to pay for that, or just sticking all the cash in my wallet and making sure it lasts until the next payday. There's no inherent problem with this, but how do I know that my budget categories are realistic if there's no way to track how I'm using the money in them? I'm going to work on that this pay period, and see how it goes.

Part II of my clothing dilemma coming up, I promise!

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  1. Will the library allow you to renew the movie if there is no request from another patron? If not, returning it through regular mail may cost less than your fee. Some libraries place DVD's in a clear, plastic envelope and not the original cover. I am not sure if they do this at your local branch. If so, this makes it easier to return via mail. I hate accruing unnecessary fees myself, no matter how small.


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