Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I miss naptime...I could use one right now!

Lunch challenge status so far this week: Safe. Lunch was bought for me yesterday by new mentor, and I packed in leftovers from home today.

Lunch challenge prognosis for the rest of the week: Fairly bad. I have an unexpected rehearsal tonight, which means I will be lucky to get home by midnight so I will not be making anything tonight. If I get out of bed early and happen to make something then, that would be awesome, and is as unlikely as me also getting to wear summer clothes to work tomorrow.

I find packing my lunch in works best when I make something big on Sunday and can bring it in the rest of the week. It's not exactly freezer cooking, though I often do freeze the extras. Three weeks ago it was...I don't remember what it was, two weeks ago it was veggie "meatloaf", last week I had enchiladas. I can't face the thought of either again for a while, and now I've run out of ideas of something to make in a big batch that will keep for five days.


  1. I tend to make a lot of what I call "mush" mixes. Mexican Mush and Coconut Rice Mush are my favorites, as they're pretty easy to make.

    The Mexican mush is a crockpot full of black beans, canned tomatoes--keep at MOST juice from 1/2 of a can, onions, green peppers, Red peppers, velveeta cheese (or shredded cheese added before I toss the servings in the fridge), taco seasoning, and rice (added seperately after the rest is cooked). Actually, I add chili powder, cumin, and cayenne pepper as well, but I think I'm deluding myself with those since I think they're all in taco seasoning anyway.

    Coconut Rice is tomato sauce, a couple of handfuls of coconut flakes (to taste), peas or some other veggie (this week carrots and green beans), chickpeas, cooked rice. I added some ricotta cheese last night, that was tasty. That one I don't even heat unless I'm eating some for dinner.

    As you'll notice, they're vegetarian--my roommate and I find it easier for the most part. Meat would certainly go well in them. Anyway, thought I'd throw out some ideas; the coconut rice is REALLY quick, the rice is the biggest hassle.

  2. i've been lurking for a while, just have some questions:

    what's your mentor for? (a life coach of sorts?)

    what are you rehearsing for?


  3. Thanks for the recipes, Becca! They look tasty. I don't remember if I've mentioned it on here, but I'm a vegetarian, so they're much appreciated!

    anon 9:58, welcome! I should probably address these in a larger post as well, but for quick answers to your questions:
    There is a formal mentor program that my company offers which I just got involved with. She is a job mentor rather than a life coach, available to answer my questions about the industry in general and company in particular, and hopefully to help me figure out where to go from here.

    As for the rehearsal, I perform with an international dance company. I study Indian, African, Middle Eastern (belly dance), and Latin (salsa and merengue). When I was young, I also studied tap and ballet, and my next goals are hip hop, hula, and aerial/silks. The company performs all over New York City and New Jersey, and we have a big show (well, three big shows featuring the same choreography) coming up so...late rehearsals it is.

  4. Things with lentils (all legumes, really) pack well and make great, filling lunches--you could try lentils, TVP, and some chopped and wilted veggies.

    I really want to try this recipe. I'll probably add some grilled chicken to it for extra protein, but you could totally add marinated grilled tofu (extra firm), or edamame or something (or just eat as-is, it's still perfectly healthy).


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