Sunday, March 9, 2008

My smile is not so big today

I went through Turbotax again with a fine-tooth comb, and sure enough, it wasn't right that I'm getting a refund from both federal and state. I found a mistake that TURBOTAX made (well, it was a mistake I made first, by entering some schedule C deductions in the wrong place, but when Turbotax recategorized them, the software didn't remove them from where I'd put them, thus doubling the dollar amount).

As of now, I owe federal and am getting a refund from NY state. I'm sure the federal amount is correct now but I still need to go through state with a careful, fresh eye one more time. I guess it's possible that I would wind up owing federal and getting a refund from NY (self employment tax, maybe?) but it seems a little odd to me.

At any rate, I estimated well enough and put enough aside that even if I owe state taxes equal to what I owe for federal, I have enough saved to cover it and the Turbotax fees. Whatever's left in the tax fund I decided to leave there for next year, just to give some extra padding, and if worse came to worse, I could use it as an emergency fund (it's technically all in the same pot, just broken out in a spreadsheet anyway).

I didn't mention, but my sister was here for most of last week and it was great. I spent a lot of money eating out and doing a little shopping (btw, H&M has the perfect jeans), but it was all planned. I've missed her since she left.

Plans for the coming week:
Keep to the lunch challenge. Monday I'm being taken out to lunch by my new mentor, and Thursday is traditional lunch ladies' day (it might be my turn to pay, but I actually think that's next week), and the other three days I will be packing in leftover enchiladas or spicy black bean burgers.

Get some things done: namely, actually file taxes and my FAFSA. I'm waiting right now on the time to go over state taxes once more, and the transfer of money to pay from my ING account. Once those are filed, I'll have the necessary information to complete the FAFSA, and will hopefully qualify for more subsidized federal loans for 2008-2009.

Decide when it's worth it. As English Major says, sometimes I feel like I'm getting to anal and tied up with keeping track of my finances. She who dies with the most money still dies, so I'd like to make sure I have some fun with the money I'm so carefully managing while I'm still around to enjoy it.


  1. i totally agree, sometimes its so worth it too veer off your budget to spend quality time with loved ones :-)

  2. Question: which jeans are you talking about? I fly to NY this Saturday for a week and my number one shopping goal is to find a decent pain of jeans that won't break the bank (under 100 please).

  3. For me, it was the Loyal style, in a dark wash with whiskering (I'm not that crazy about the whiskering, but liked everything else). They fit well, had a little stretch in them, were a great length...and cost $39.90.

    BTW, there is no sales tax on clothing sold in NYC under $110. Just FYI. :) (Also, salesclerks are accustomed to splitting purchases that will be more than that so you don't have to pay tax.)


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