Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring is here!

Well, for today anyway. I'd love to throw away my coat and run around, but I know it'll get cold again for a while. Still, I always feel like I'm coming alive when the first scent of spring is in the air. Also, it reminds me that my birthday is coming up, and I'm excited about this one. I prefer being odd-numbered ages than even-numbered ones for some reason.

Lunch challenge update: going strong. I had free lunch yesterday at the book club meeting, and brought leftovers and some fruit today. I'm off work the rest of the week to hang out with my sister, and yes, we'll probably eat lunch out. Doesn't count, since I'm on vacation. ;)

Tax dilemma: I've done some research, and it looks like I'll be stuck doing it over an open wireless network at a library or coffee shop. Apparently, this is ok if the tax company encrypts their site (using https, which TurboTax does). It makes me a little nervous, but frankly...well, you can take all the precautions in the world and STILL have your identity stolen (happened to me TWICE last year) so I don't see it as being the most dangerous thing in the world. I'm scheduled to pull my credit report soon, and, well--I'm on top of my finances enough that I would probably notice very quickly if something was amiss. I'll probably head over to my new favorite coffee shop with my laptop this weekend and get it over with.

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  1. I think you will be fine at the library, espeically if you use turbo tax. However, make sure no one is looking over your shoulder, people still steal identities the old fashion way. Good luck with them!


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