Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy birthday to me!

I don't count spa week appointments as birthday gifts, since I'd make them even if they didn't fall during the week of my birthday. So my birthday present to myself this year is this:

Very impressive looking, no?

It's actually a portable, 250 Gig hard drive in order to back up and protect my computer files. Yay for crossing something off my apartment checklist!

Which reminds me, actually, that I did some clothes shopping over the weekend, so I should give an update on that checklist as well. I went into H&M and ransacked their clearance racks, and came home with a great pair of black pants for work (a little dressier than my current black pants, and only $15!) and a pretty black blouse with floaty cap sleeves (I know there is a name for this, as I've heard Clinton from TLC's What Not to Wear say it, but I can't think of it).

I wasn't really sold on the shirt until I put it on, zipped it up, and immediately thought "What a perfect first date top!" I can already see the outfit--my khaki linen skirt, this top, and my new red peeptoe Bandolinos. Someone please ask me on a date already!!!!!! I've already got the outfit planned!

I have made $135 from performing (and am still owed for two jobs), $150 from mystery shopping (transferred in from Paypal), and $125 (from birthday money, so far, with a few more days to go till the actual day), all of which is being put towards my clothing/apartment spending.

Since making my apartment checklist and reading Apartment Therapy I am actually more interested in shopping for the apartment than for me, but clearly, I'm not doing too badly on either front.


  1. happy happy day!!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to you!

    Keep 'em coming...

  3. Happy Birthday! How do you get into the mystery shopping?! I'd love to do that.

  4. Jessica, I recommend how to get started in mystery shopping in Mystery Shopping: A Field Guide


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