Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy friday!

Clearly, I've been busy.

Luckily, though, I've also been staying under budget, despite not cooking much. I need to work on that this weekend.

I told someone this week for the first time that I'm an anonymous personal finance blogger. This was a very strange revelation to make, for some reason.

I also decided that it might be fun to date someone more nerdy about money than I am. We'll see.

And lastly, I decided to be grown up and put $100 of the birthday money I brought in into my Lasik surgery fund. I know that 20/20 or Inside Edition or something is doing a scare tactic show about Lasik this weekend, but I really want to get it done, and I need to start saving for it in a serious way.


  1. I also want to get Lasik done! So far I've been too chicken, plus I have a penchant for cool frames (I rotate between 3 pairs) so it would be a shame to put them into storage...

    I have several friends that have gotten it done, and all are fine. It's been a couple years for most of them...but still, I'm scared's my EYES!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. My bf has become more nerdy about money because of me! It's fun because together we figure out what works and what doesn't.


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