Friday, April 11, 2008

how is it Friday already?! Not that I'm complaining.

I have been doing zoom-by wishful postings all week. You know, where you open the window and get ready to blog, then something comes up and hours later you find you've been logged out for inactivity.


Luckily, my super busy week is over (and was successful, if I do say so myself). I have a busy weekend--I'm volunteering at an urban garden in Brooklyn tomorrow, despite projected rain. And I have a rehearsal/performance on Sunday. I wasn't going to do the performance, but I decided that I wanted to bring in money to go clothes or apartment shopping with. It's interesting how having a decisive goal for what to spend that money on makes me more willing to go earn it. I guess this is why the snowball method works for people getting out of debt who take on second and even third jobs.

I'm really looking forward to volunteering tomorrow. Sad to say, I don't give back much. I donate items to charity, but not really money or time. I don't give change to people begging in my subway station. I'm just so, so skeptical of people who may not really be homeless, or people who will use the money for drugs instead of food and things like that. I've offered to buy meals for people before, and will if they let me, but more often than not I'm told they'd rather take the cash.

I was raised to give back. I used to be very active in church and I went on several mission trips around the country--not to preach but to help by building something and things like that. When I visited New York the first two times, I worked at a Salvation Army food center on Thanksgiving day, and they were the best Thanksgivings I've ever had. I remember last year, looking at all the food I had lined up on the counter to cook for two people and feeling very bitter that I was doing that instead of volunteering.

But it's so easy to be lazy. So easy not to find a way to help. When an opportunity came to go with some friends to work in this garden (which sounds like fun), I was glad to jump on it. I hope this gets me back into the habit a little more often.


  1. good for u to find time to volunteer. i'm the same way myself, sometimes its a lot easier to write a check than give time to do volunteer work


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