Friday, April 4, 2008

little splurges

What guilty little pleasures do you have?

Here are a few of mine:
1. For a long time, This site offers different sterling silver and real gemstone jewelry for FREE--sort of. You do have to pay a $5.99 shipping & handling fee, and I'm sure they're not spending $5.99 to send it to you but whatever. It's really quality stuff for six bucks, delivered right to my house. You can pay via Paypal, which is where most of my mystery shopping money is direct deposited, so it hardly feels like I'm spending anything...

2. Dr. Pepper. I LOVE Dr. Pepper. I would rather drink water than any other kind of soda (which is good, because that means I drink more water than soda). I have started buying the 2 liter bottles to keep at home, which doesn't help when I need caffeine on the go, but it's a start. I average almost one 20 oz bottle per day!

I had a weird string of luck with Dr. Pepper about six years ago--they were doing one of those promotions where if your bottle cap said you won, you could take it to the store for a free Dr. Pepper. One day, I bought one and won a free Dr. Pepper. When I redeemed that Dr. Pepper, I got another free one. And so on. And so on. And so on, for almost three months! And I know that not all the bottles were automatic winners, because I would go with my sister and I'd win one and she wouldn't--that happened more than once!

3. Certain brand names. I try not to be super brand loyal for a lot of reasons, but as I mentioned above, I won't cheat on Dr. Pepper. I'm also strictly loyal to Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing, Heinz baked beans, St. Ives tea tree oil facial cleanser (which is now very hard to find locally), and Silk soy milk. Pretty much anything else I will try an off-brand at least once. I decided last week after a frugal purchase that I'm going to become brand loyal to whatever brand of toilet paper I bought before my most recent one--it was quite nice and lasted forever. Unfortunately, since I can't remember what it was, I have to keep searching till I find it again.


  1. Oh I completely understand your love for the Pepper! I am off Dr. Pepper for over a month now because you know it's "bad" for you but because I'm trying to get pregnant and can't have too much caffeine!

    Came from Gimme Back my 5 Bucks! :)

  2. guilty pleasures:

    ferrero rocher chocolates
    hot cocoa
    $80 a pop massages
    and expensive restaurant food



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