Monday, April 7, 2008

My home shopping list

Welcome, all the readers who popped over from Give Me Back My Five Bucks! It's funny that the off-the-cuff posts always seem to have the most impact rather than the ones I plan and worry over.

In that's another shopping list post, this time for my apartment.

I got in a big cleaning/organizing/decluttering mood this weekend (and not a moment too soon!) and went through my entire living room, finding things to purge. I weeded out my bookshelf and came up with a big stack to list on (I'm done with Amazon and, and if these books don't go within six months, I'm dropping them off at the library). I went through my coat closet and a trunk and came up with several bags to get rid of. I decluttered the 2-drawer file cabinet that serves as my desk storage area. I decluttered my closet and dresser and came up with four bags of stuff to take to Goodwill, hopefully this coming weekend.

In going through all this stuff (and reading 6 Steps to Design on a Dime and Apartment Therapy recently), I've come up with a makeover list for my apartment in addition to my person. None of these things are really pressing, but I'm going to start keeping an eye out.

1. A DVD-R/VCR combo. 1/9/09 update: I just found out that my television is so old it doesn't even have DVD/VCR inputs, just a cable input. So yeah, I could get a cable box and do that whole ordeal, but it's not worth it. I don't care about this anymore.

2. A desk. 1/9/09 update: I found a desk this summer! It was on the sidewalk in front of my building, and Peanut and I lugged it upstairs. It's exactly what I was looking for, and you can't beat the price!

3. A kitchen island or baker's rack to add a little more counter space (the apartment comes with enough space for a dish drying rack, so when I need counterspace to cook, I have to put the rack in the sink). Again, I want this to be a Craigslist find.

4. Living room seating for grown-ups. Right now I have a futon and a butterfly chair. I'm finding that it's hard on my body to sit on the futon for long periods of time. I wanted to keep my futon instead of the lovely couch and loveseat combo my roommate and I shared because I wanted to have space for friends and family to stay with me. However, I'm facing the fact now that I, sitting on the piece 365 days per year, must take precedence over anyone who happens to visit me once a year or less. Plus, I can always get an air mattress. I'd like a loveseat and a chair rather than one full size couch, though I'm not entirely sure what all will fit in my living room, or how I'd arrange two pieces of furniture.

5. A headboard or real bed. I currently have a metal frame that's in sort of crappy condition. I've been looking for homemade headboard ideas and might be able to make something that works which would be fairly cheap. I'm waiting till I figure out how I want to decorate my room before I start working on this, though.

6. Window treatments. By summer, I'll need screens to go in four windows. I currently have a bedsheet hung up in my bedroom window. Works great. :) However, I'd like to have real curtains like a real adult. Again, I'm waiting to figure out my theme. I also need something hung up in the kitchen window. I don't think anyone can see in...but it being New York, ya never know.

7. Art and decorations. I might paint the kitchen, too, but I'm mostly concerned with things I can take with me to the next place. I love my apartment and I'm not looking to move anytime soon, but I'd still rather spend my money on stuff I can keep for a while.

8. A plastic pitcher for iced tea in the summer and a quality knife. I have the pitcher, but not a good knife.

Bought! April 15 9. A portable hard drive to back up my laptop. My computer is more than two years old now, which is not ancient, but you never know when something will fail. When I realized the other day how much valuable information is stored on there, I got a little panicked. I have way too many photos and other sentimentally precious information on there to burn to CD, so I've just been hoping for the best. And so many things could go wrong--I could get a virus, since I'm on unsecured networks most of the time, and I'm not the smartest about keeping my anti-virus up to date. I could drop the laptop in my apartment or get hit by a car while walking to the coffee shop (yes, I'm being a little over-paranoid). It could get stolen--this is really not at all far-fetched. There have been a lot of home invasions in my part of Queens lately, and I wouldn't be surprised if my apartment got hit. I have renter's insurance, which would replace the actual computer, but none of the photos or anything would be replaced. This just became my #1 priority, and any birthday money I get in the next few weeks is going towards this.

I plan to pay for all the other things out of the same extras fund as my clothes shopping is coming from. I need to book some more performances!

1/9/09 New Wants
A decent laundry bag--preferably one that stands up under it's own volition but doesn't fall apart when you lug it to the laundromat
New pillows
More blankets and throws--it's been a little chilly this year!
A living room clock
A frame for some artwork that Peanut gave me for Christmas


  1. I need to make a list of the things that I need to purchase...ugh! There are a lot!

  2. I decided to save a tree and not write out my list. It becomes overwhelming as to where to start sometimes. So I worked in the yard. I enjoy that more and I love shopping for home and garden items. Mostly online though.
    Potpourri Emporium

  3. I love when I get in the decluttering mood. It sounds like you got a lot done!

  4. Though there may be great finds on Craigslist, don't forget that sometimes you may find new items on clearance at some retail stores. Also consider For your bedroom, nice bedding and pillows can substitute for a headboard. Happy shopping.

  5. You should check the website apartment therapy for ideas on headboards, I believe I saw something about making your own on that site and a friend told me about where people give away furniture, etc. This friend was able to furnish an apartment using this website. Good luck!


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