Friday, April 4, 2008

Oy. I've been busy lately! Work has been non-stop, with my boss travelling and the only other person in my department out after having surgery last week. AND we had our first #1 New York Times bestseller since I've been here! Very exciting.

In money news, I've brought in some extra cash already this month from performing and am deciding how to spend it. I decided this morning that all base payments will go straight to my clothing fund and any tips (I made more than $50 last night alone!) will go into a new sinking fund for Lasik surgery. I keep talking about getting it done, and once I saved up about half of the $4,500 it's going to cost me, but then I had to move rather suddenly and added that to my moving/emergency fund. I could plug this $50 towards the emergency fund, but really, it IS getting built up slowly but surely...and I can always fall back on this as a back up emergency fund if it comes to that. I am hoping to get the surgery within the next three years.

I've decided to try to book a lot of performances for a while, to fund my clothing account, and also because of what I experienced last night. I don't normally work during the week, but something came up and I was needed, so I went, even though it was an inconvenience and I knew I wouldn't be home till around midnight. It was as stressful as I thought it would be but in the middle of the dance floor a sudden thought flashed through my mind that "this is so worth it". That's not always the case, but it was a particularly fun party and after all--why keep paying for classes and costumes if I'm not going use what I'm learning by performing?

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