Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blissful moments in a new relationship: Serious Nerd Edition

Last night, New Boyfriend and I compared spread sheets.

We have my laptop set up next to his desktop in his apartment this week while he works on my hard drive and so we can play games (yes, sitting next to each other while our characters run around in the game together). Yesterday I needed to do some financial housekeeping and update some spreadsheets, and he opened up his and we compared. I have more spreadsheets (for tracking spending, dance jobs, and mystery shops, a ledger for my local bank and ING accounts [basically for creating sub-accounts], a budget, and a grid for me to keep track of taxes for the year) but his are more formula-heavy. We have completely different approaches to the way we keep track of things, but the important thing to me is that we're both on top of things and have similar values when it comes to how we handle money.

This is a stark contrast to some of my previous relationships, one of which I actually ended because my ex couldn't control his finances. He borrowed a lot of money from me (in the thousands, probably, over five years) as well as other friends and family, lived way above his means, and his idea of "paying himself first" involved buying video games the minute he cashed his paycheck and then being late with rent or doing a payday loan. It was really stressful. My last relationship was a little better--that ex didn't belive in debt, but didn't do any kind of budget or anything either. He was in better shape because at least he wasn't over his head, but he wasn't doing any kind of planning for the future either.

At one point, when I met some of New Boyfriend's friends at a cookout last weekend, someone asked me, "Do you know about his spreadsheets?!" And I got a little warm fuzzy when I realized that truly, that's one of the things I like best about him. He's got spreadsheets, and he's not afraid of who knows it.


  1. lol...I love it!! As a nerd myself, I totally understand where you're coming from (and actually, your spreadsheets sound kind of like mine!)

  2. That's really cute! My bf started a budget after we met. But since then has given me so many good many good ideas on how to better use mine. I love that we are really open about money.


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