Monday, May 5, 2008

A few days late

I did all my financial transfers and tracker updaters and what not, and posted my new net worth in my side bar. How'd I do?

I went from $14,306 in March to $15,114 in April for a total increase of $808, most of which was in my 401k. Yay! It's a little misleading, though, because I just accepted $5,000 worth of student loans for the summer semesters--but I didn't count that money because it hasn't actually been dispersed yet.

I also just realized that I haven't seen another electric bill, and while I'm fine with seems like it's been more than a month. I'll have to look into that.

My life has felt a little out of control this past week. I've recently started dating someone I like quite a lot, which is wonderful. Everything seems sunnier and there's a bounce in my step I haven't had in a while. I like the little shivery feelings when I think of him during the day.

However. My steady, predictable routine has been completely shattered. I'm eating out more, and will have to throw away stuff I have in the fridge (not to mention spending money eating out). My apartment is a wreck and I can't find anything, I haven't synched my phone and computer in more than a week--I didn't even remember to bring my phone with me to work today! I won't see him tonight because of dance class and hopefully it will give me a chance to pull some of this back together again. It's fun but it's fairly stressful too.

The biggest upside is that he's only slightly less of a money nerd than I am. On our second date, he told me about the spreadsheet he has on a thumb drive to keep track of what he spends, and I've basically been smitten ever since. I'm really glad our respective money nerdiness came out early on, because it's been easier to do cheap/free stuff, cooking together instead of eating out, and otherwise not feel as much pressure as we might otherwise.


  1. congratulations on the new man!

  2. That is just too cute. Spreadsheet on a thumbdrive. LOL. (which I also have, btw. I like to import my google docs spreadsheets as csv files and save them on my thumb drive from time to time). I am really enjoying reading your blog. Sigh I can't believe I just found it today!


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