Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm back!


I'm back from my brother's graduation, and still not caught up, but I figured I'd take a moment to blog anyway. I'm falling out of the habit!

My mini-vacation was successful, at least from a financial point of view--I got birthday money from a couple relatives, and my grandmother gave my sister and I enough cash "just because" to get us through the entire road trip (gas, meals, snacks, and drinks). I'm really glad my sister's car gets such great gas mileage, however--I'm not used to the price of gas at all anymore (it's been about a year since I did any serious driving).

I did some shopping while I was at my mother's house and spent about $150 on some fun new undies, a few tops, a ring, two pashminas, and a great pair of shoes. I had to stop myself at times, however--I automatically assume that things in the south are cheaper than things in NYC, even though that's really not always the case. Also, NYC has no sales tax on clothing, so even if the initial price is cheaper, it could wind up being about the same. Mostly, though, I was hitting stores I just don't have access to here in the city (like The Limited, Kohls, Ross and World Market).

I usually don't have a difficult time catching up at work after being gone, but I have been struggling this week. Part of it is just that this trip fell at a very inopportune time (had there not been an event, I would definitely not have taken time off right now, and in fact probably would have been working late recently). It's also compounded by this new relationship, which has definitely turned into an actual relationship, rather than that weird what-do-you-call-it type thing that happens early on when you start dating someone. I mean, I'm a girlfriend again and we've talked about it, but we're also still in that "I want to spend every single minute with you" phase so I'm just really not getting much accomplished and I'm not staying late at work. I had 45 minutes to myself yesterday which I used to frantically clean my apartment.

Luckily, he's a money nerd too so at least my finances aren't spiralling out of control!

I have lots more to write about but I'm going to have to do it in patches, I think.

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