Friday, May 9, 2008

Weird things round up

Lucky me, I am not quite getting audited. New York state found some HUGE errors in my return, however, and I was billed $88 instead of receiving a refund of almost $400. Luckily, they did not assess interest or penalties, and I paid it yesterday online.

I've filed a complaint with Intuit/TurboTax, because these are very basic errors--they didn't report New York City resident tax, which my address would CLEARLY require be reported. Unfortunately, Intuit only guarantees accuracy as far as reimbursing penalties or interest, not extra tax assessed, so really all I can do is complain since they won't give me any money back.

I'm seriously debating whether I will use them again. This seems like a very basic problem.

Taxes--tax stimulus rebate
According to the stimulus payment schedule, my direct deposit should have posted today. It's not even pending, however. While it's not technically late, I'm wondering if the mixup with New York state will affect that. I don't need the money (it's earmarked for a cruise) so I won't be in trouble if I don't get it, but...well, you know. I'd like to be stimulated.

Electric bills
I just mentioned that I was a little concerned that it seemed like more than a month had gone by since I'd received my last electric bill. Well, it showed up the same day and was delightfully cheap. Then yesterday, I got another bill, for $75. Something is definitely not right, as I was billed for exactly the same time period. I can't figure out what the problem is, but I'm going to call them before I pay anything more. Someone needs to get things together, and I don't think it's me for once.

Credit card
My credit card payment is due while I'm on vacation, so I will pay it before I go. When I logged in today, it shows a balance due of $125.o5. However, the statement only shows one charge for $83.03 (cell phone bill) since I last paid the entire balance off, so something else is not right. Another thing to fix.

School bills
I think I'm all set as far as loans and everything for the summer, but I need to double check that. I also need to file for approval for tuition reimbursement for the summer and then as soon as I get my grades, submit the final paperwork for the spring. Yay, money!

And, as a total non-sequitor, I like dating someone who's as much of a money nerd as I am. It's fun. :)

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  1. Thanks for telling us about Turbotax. I use them as well, but now I'm considering not using them anymore.


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