Monday, June 23, 2008


I saw this over at the World of Wealth and wanted to comment on it. I think it's important to set goals like this just to make sure you're pushing your own boundaries.

30 Things to Do Before 30 (I've done the things in bold)
  1. Take classes in an unfamiliar dance form (salsa, hip hop, classical, pole dancing...)
  2. Date someone more than 10 years your senior
  3. Take a spontaneous weekend trip (preferably somewhere "crazy" like Mexico or Vegas)
  4. Have visited at least 3 continents
  5. Fire a gun
  6. Volunteer somewhere other than the city in which you live
  7. Sleep in your car
  8. Post bail for a friend...or for yourself
  9. Buy something materialistic and unnecessary that costs as much as your rent
  10. Quit a job
  11. Buy a stock
  12. Have a credit card
  13. Get a loan
  14. Stay in a job long enough and do well enough to earn a promotion
  15. Gamble
  16. Hike or climb or bike or kayak for at least one day
  17. Read at least a 5 major works of literature
  18. Spend a day on a boat
  19. Visit our nation's capital
  20. Exercise your right to vote
  21. Try an illicit substance
  22. Attend religious services for at least two faiths other than your own
  23. Learn enough of a foreign language to try to use it (preferably in that culture)
  24. Drive a convertible
  25. Create something (a song, poem, picture, sculpture, play, story, movie...)
  26. Cook - or attempt to cook - a four course meal
  27. Arrange your weekend schedule around a hangover you plan to have
  28. Live alone
  29. Have a one night stand
  30. Make a list like this one - and start checking things off!

Most of the unbolded things I haven't done, I really have no interest in doing (Nos. 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 29) so here's a list of things I have done/think everyone should do before they turn 30.

  1. Have your heart broken.
  2. Fall deeply in love.
  3. Move across the country.
  4. Save a significant amout of money (even $1,000).
  5. Have a pet.
  6. See a quality live production (straight theater or musical).
  7. Fight a fear (public speaking, heights, swimming, whatever)

What do you think?

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  1. I just watched the Bucket List last night with my wife. Very similar idea. I hope you get to check off more along the way.


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