Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh, man, oh, man

Life is moving by me a little too quickly lately.

I have company in town, and again I'm reminded of how expensive it is to have people visit--maybe not quite what it costs to go see them, but expensive nonetheless.

I also had a spectacularly social weekend, which meant dropping a lot of money as well. Here's the breakdown:

Friday: Picked up visitors from the airport. $14 for a cab home. Visitors wanted to do some touristy sight-seeing things (my cousin has been here several times and knows her way around) so I met up with some friends at a beer garden. Dinner and several pitchers of beer: $0 (thanks to boyfriend who bought me dinner and friends who kept the pitchers coming).

Saturday: After a $5 bagel, headed to the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island. I'd always wanted to go, and frankly was a little underwhelmed but I think we were in a bad spot and missed most of it. I still had a great time, walked on the beach and enjoyed being at Coney Island in a bikini in the summer (with only a very minor sunburn on one shoulder to show for it!). Assorted beach food: $20.

Saturday night: After going all the way back to Queens to shower and change, went all the way back to Brooklyn with a detour in Soho. Discovered Uniqlo, picked up two pair of clearance pants. $39.98 total, and a promise to myself to go back as soon as my rebate check clears. Then to a neat little restaurant in Brooklyn, where $20 got me some tasty food. Later, at a burlesque bar, a $6 drink didn't even get me buzzed, and I tipped the dancers $3. We split a car service home, and my contribution was $10.

Sunday: Made brunch at home for six (waffles, homemade hashbrowns and fruit salad--yum!) at no expense to me (lovely boyfriend bought what few ingredients we didn't have on hand). Hung out around the house for most of the day while my visitors did some more sight-seeing. Then headed to my very favorite Indian restaurant, Panna II, where I dropped $40 on dinner for my boyfriend and I (way more than I normally spend there, somehow). I love Panna, and I go frequently enough that they know me, and this time, right before we left, they turned off the lights and turned on the happy birthday techno and brought the birthday ice cream over to....our table! None of us had birthdays, and none of us had talked to them about it, but I guess they'd overheard me describing it to our out of town guests, and did it for us so we could see it. I was a customer for life anyway, but this little gesture just really made me happy.

total spent this weekend: $105.48. Ouch!

And that pretty much wipes me out until I get paid again on the 30th (unless my rebate check comes in before then). I had a lunch planned today with a work friend (which I'll be honoring) but after that I'm battening down the hatches for a while. Time to start packing lunch again!

However, I did get the good news this weekend that I do qualify for a rebate check of $600 and it should arrive by 6/27. Yay!

I also found out that my work discount for AT&T went up from 11% to 15%, which is good news. I've been thinking of downsizing my phone package so that I'm not paying quite so much (currently, just over $80 a month) for internet (currently, unlimited everything). I realized that I initially got the most internet I could because I was going to be using my phone as a modem for my laptop so that I wouldn't be paying for a separate wireless cable connection. However, I HAVEN'T been doing that--I'm having problems with the software and can't get it working. My goal for this week is to either fix that problem so I can use the phone as a modem, or downsize my internet package so I'm not paying for something I'm not using.

More news to come, I'm sure. I really need to start updating more frequently!

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