Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Streamlining more than just finances

I'm still not caught up on all my regular blog reading from my trip a few weeks ago and I decided that since I've sort of started breaking the habit, I might as well REALLY break the habit and start purging my daily "must read"list.

I waste a lot of time on the internet. I don't mean that I click around randomly, bored, aware that I'm wasting time. I enjoy the articles that I read, the knowledge (about personal finance and other topics) that I'm seeking, and the communication I'm able to keep up with friends. But it's eating up too much of my life, and I feel like I'm living in a digital world instead of the real one. So here's my plan:

Ruthlessly cull my Bloglines. I'm having trouble doing this because there are a lot of blogs I would be ok with not keeping on top of anymore, but I have articles saved that I want to keep for whatever reason. My goal over the next month is to review those articles and find a reason for keeping them. Most are book reviews, so I will add the books to my Amazon reading wishlist and then I don't have to save the post. Others are ideas for apartment decorating, and I will create a folder of bookmarks for those pages, save them, and unsubscribe from the blog. Many are recipes, and I don't know how I'm going to put those into one workable file. Doubtless I will find a lot of the articles not worth saving at all.

Delete some of my email addresses. I have several email addresses, going all the way back to the second one I used with any regularity (and I still have the log in information for the first, but I'm not sure if it works). Every time I've switched email addresses, there's always that ONE PERSON who continues to email me at the old address, so I keep checking all my old addresses rather than miss an email from that person. NO LONGER. Everyone has received sufficient notice of my new contact information, and I will no longer check any of the non-gmail addresses I have. The gmail addresses all forward to one main one, so I only have to log in once. I also will maintain (but not check daily--or even weekly) one of the older email addresses which I use as a junk email.

Change my social networking accounts to alert me if someone tries to contact me, but otherwise not log in on a regular basis. I went without MySpace for months at one point, which was really nice. It's great to keep up on my friends (15 are pregnant, and post belly photos and other updates) but this is getting to be too much.

And not worry so much if I get a backlog that I can't read through. No one can know everything, and that includes me!

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  1. I actually deleted my MySpace account. Now, I just have my blog and Facebook to mess around with...


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