Monday, July 14, 2008

Challenge update

First of all, thanks for all your $2 meal suggestions! We're definitely going to use some of them. Some things I should have perhaps said in that post: these meals have to satisfy a vegetarian AND a meat eater, which usually means that they're completely vegetarian or 90% vegetarian with some meat protein for him.

I'm still debating internally about not being a vegetarian. My compromise has been to have nibbles of something that looks or smells good, even if it's meat, to see if I actually like it before I decide whether to give up a way of life I've always had. Also, I'm trying other non-meat foods that I've always hated, just to push myself. I had a smoothie made with yogurt on Saturday (I didn't realize it had yogurt in it when I ordered, but drank the whole thing anyway) which is HUGE--I have always gagged at the smell of yogurt but the smoothie wasn't too bad. Cottage cheese is (maybe) next on my list.

We started our $2/person dinner challenge last night, even though it was a weekend (we originally said this was a goal only for the weekdays, although that doesn't give us license to splurge a lot on the weekends).

We realized that it's going to take a while for us to figure out exactly what meals fall into our categories, so we made up a spreadsheet that will help us figure out the exact cost per serving going forward. We are soooooo nerdy, and having a lot of fun with this.

Last night was tortellini with basil, garlic and italian cheese sauce. Tasty, but next time I'd like to try a different brand of pasta.

Also, boys thinks that girls eat the same as them, and, at least in my case, that's DEFINITELY not true. Whatever meal we're making, I think of it as 1/3 for me and 2/3 for him. He thinks of us splitting it 50/50, which just makes me laugh hysterically.


  1. my friend just gave me this recipe

    fire roasted tomatoes and alfredo

    heat up fire roasted tomatoes and alfredo sauce and serve on top pf ravioli! voila!

    how about some frittatas or quiches they're filling and relatively inexpensive

  2. Good luck on your challenge!

    I love your comment on how he thinks its 50/50. That is funny bc I am sure that my man does too. Only, I would eat a lot healthier if it wasn't for him. The bf has to have meat, thick sauces, and lots of carbs. I could go without all that. While it al tastes wonderfully, my waistline doesn't like it so much.

  3. The 2 dollar challenge is a great idea. I think stuffed potatoes are in order for tonight!


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