Friday, July 18, 2008

Goal setting

My boyfriend and I started the 100 Pushup challenge yesterday. I was not terribly surprised that I could not do even one "good form" pushup (including the "girl" version with my knees down). And I'm supposed to get to 100 in just a few weeks? Oi.

I'm going to stick with this, though. We've lately been on a pretty good "want to be healthy" kick, and it's sooooo much easier to do when someone else is doing it with you. I asked him to do this challenge with me because I want to tone and define my upper arms (the only area of the body belly dance doesn't work, it seems). He asked me to start running with him. I'm scared--I injured my knee snowboarding years ago which exacerbated an even older injury I had left over from working in a carpet factory in high school--and running has always seemed like a sure way to make it flare up. I don't have proper running shoes not to mention a knee brace. It's hot outside. I only quit smoking a few months ago, and I hate being out of breath and sweaty.

Blah, blah, blah. Lots of excuses. If I weren't so protective of my finances, I could see myself coming up with a lot of the same not-based-in-reality excuses to avoid whipping them into shape.

Anyway, I agreed to *try* running a few times and see if all these things prove true. I can use the sneakers I already have. I can use an ace wrap if I feel I need it. We'll go at my pace. I can give it a whirl and who knows--maybe I'll find something I enjoy.

In addition to running, this weekend we're also going to a free yoga class in the park, and we'll do day two of 100 Pushups. So far, all our "get healthier" plans are free--and free is well within my budget!

We'll see how much the rest of the weekend fits into our budget, though--a friend of his is coming to town for a week, so we might end up hitting some pricey trendy places to show him the town.


  1. Let me know how the free yoga class goes. I've always wanted to go to the one in Central Park.

  2. I could do several "girl" ones, but like 2 or 3 full form. T did like 30!

    Regarding running, you might want to try the Couch to 5k program, complete with downloadable free podcasts. (Google to find more info) I find it is easier to start a new thing when I have a "program" to follow. If I create my own programs, I'm overly ambitious and fail quickly. Of course, if your knee truly is bad, maybe you could find something else?

  3. i'm in a health nut phase too! i'm kind of a recluse so i'm still thinking about what to do to get into shape. although i've heard that gardening and yard work works really well.

  4. I love when people find such frugal things to do! Good luck with the push-ups. I cannot do 1 girlie pushup either. pretty bad. So, good for you! ;)

  5. my boyfriend and i are also doing the pushup challenge -- week 5! it is a crazy increase for week 5 though. but the arms are feeling stronger and it's amazing to be able to do 'real' ones! :) little miss--would love you to check out -- a great way to save $$$ on fashion, shoes, and more. your sizes, your brands! also there's a running site for the runners of the bunch!

  6. Ooh I saw this challenge on another site the other day and I'm definitely going to give it a go. Good luck!


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