Friday, July 11, 2008

A July challenge


I love dating someone who's as nerdy about money as I am. I gave him Your Money or Your Life to read and we've been having some great conversations.

We also decided to start having $2 (per person) dinners during the week for the rest of the month. It's mostly a challenge to see if we can do it, but we came up with a good list of qualifying meals so I bet we can.

Meals for less than $4 for two
Fried rice (slightly over $4 but makes leftovers)
Black bean burgers (for me)
Sloppy Joes (for him)
Pasta and marinara
Waffles with fruit
Ramen with stuff in it
Potatoes and...something

I wonder what else we can add to the list? I'm going to enjoy this challenge. I like eating out, but I really like cooking together.


  1. Spaghetti with mushrooms!

    There's also pancakes or french toast with fruit - it's fun to have that for dinner sometimes.

    Good luck with this $2 per person meal idea - sounds cool.

    It's great the two of you are on the same playing field. It's hard enough to be financially savvy on your own but add another person in the mix who's style is totally different...

  2. How about omelets, grilled sandwiches, stir-frys, rice cAsseroles?

  3. ravioli with marinara!

    spaghetti with garlic and fried eggs!

    rice and beans!

    cheese quesadillas!

  4. Black bean tacos are the BEST - boil some rice (slackers like me prefer rice from the bag), open a can of black beans (50 cents), some tortillas (20 for 90 cents), can of corn (or not), lettuce (or not) cheese (or not) sour cream (or not) and salsa (or not). Sooo cheap - you can mix and match the ingredients. And it always makes leftovers!

  5. Homemade vegetable soup - whatever ingredients you have in your cupboard, put in a big pot with canned tomatoes and salt and pepper and fun spices! Yummy. ALso makes good leftovers. Grilled cheese sandwiches or cheese and crackers are great alongside.

  6. Stir-fried zucchini with pasta and parmesean and a little bit of olive oil (used in cooking the zucchini). Yummy!

  7. Also

    Nachos (not unlike the black bean tacos)

    Cheese fries (with ranch dressing - healthy!) Maybe something with tater tots??

    Big salads (yummy caesar, with chicken for him) and garlic bread - so easy (i add chopped apples to my caesar salads - once you try it, you'll always want them).

    Macaroni and cheese; add in broccoli or diced tomatoes. Yum!

    Biscuits and gravy.

    I could go on forever with this blog entry - cheap yummy food is my specialty.

  8. Great idea.

    I like frittatas--six eggs and whatever veg you need to use before they go past their prime. Or an egg scramble, if you don't have the patience for a frittata. Or salsa-poached eggs--cover the bottom of a sauce pan with salsa and heat it up, make four or six little divits in the salsa and crack an egg in each one, poach, and serve wrapped in tortillas with cheddar. Or poached egg sandwiches on english muffin.

    I am really egg dependant.

  9. Are you talking $2 per portion or $2 per person, total? I can think of a few meals, for example, where the cost would be less than $8 for 4 portions, perhaps not counting the items you already have in stock.

    Tonight is grilled turkey burgers with homemade coleslaw... it totals about $10, but makes 4 portions.

  10. Valerie, $2 per person per serving. So, friend rice ($4.84 for a big bowl which feeds both of us twice) is a $1 meal.


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