Monday, August 4, 2008

Beginning of August update

I'm back! My sidebar has a networth update, which shows another downward trend...but more student loans have been disbersed to me, and I haven't received my tuition reimbursement for the previous session so...I guess it's real, but I feel like it's not a really accurate reflection of my financial state.

Overall, all sinking fund accounts are up even if just slightly, and my retirement accounts did not dip too badly (though they did dip). In one sinking fund alone, which houses my semi-long-term savings (9 months or more), I am only $70 shy of a big, shiny, round $10,000! I want very badly to transfer some money in from somewhere just to see that number, but I'll wait until I legitimately make it. No sense in bouncing dollars around from account to account and having to keep track of them.

I've been fairly frugal lately and doing well except in one area: lunch. Bringing my lunch to work has pretty much gone right out the window, and I'm ashamed. I found a bunch of frozen Stouffers' things on sale this weekend, so bought enough for two weeks and I'm hoping I remember to plan ahead and bring them.

The biggest problem is that I used to bring leftovers into work, but for the last three months, and especially the past few weeks with the $2 dinner challenge...there really aren't any. We plan and cook meals for two that either don't have leftovers, or the leftovers are planned for dinner the next night in order to make the $2/person/meal cut. And planning ahead to make a special lunch (even just a sandwich) simply hasn't been happening in my super-busy life.

The frozen dinners will help with that, but I don't like those as a longterm solution. There's too much sodium in them. I've been skulking around some bento box websites for ideas, and this weekend I found (but did not buy) a separated tupperware which would be very helpful. I might try my hand at making my own frozen lunches one weekend coming up. I used to do that with multiple tupperware containers which was a huge pain, but that separated tupperware would be perfect...they're $2.49 each, which is a little pricey, but if I four, that'd be $10 which would only take me about a week to earn back by what I'd save in not buying lunch around my office.


Yesterday I was not so frugal. I had a very bad row with my ex who has been harrassing me by phone, and I bought a pack of cigarettes. I quit months ago, so I'm upset at myself both for the lapse in willpower and for spending $8.50 for four cigarettes (I hated them and really don't want to get hooked again, so I threw the rest away).

I also spent $2 on a single ride metrocard coming home from a friend's birthday. I live only a 15 minute walk from the location, so I walked. I didn't even bring my subway pass because I didn't expect to ride home. My friend left at the same time I did, but she's not able to walk that far due to an old knee injury. I felt bad leaving her to take the train, even though it cost me $2 to ride a distance I could have walked faster than the train took anyway.

A goals review/update post is to come this afternoon!

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  1. Don't beat yourself up over it.

    Just try and get a plan in place to make tons of food so you have a bunch leftover to eat later :)


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