Wednesday, August 6, 2008

boyfriends, book clubs and wardrobes

I'm going to have to come up with a nickname for the not-so-new-anymore boyfriend, so I dub him Peanut. If he reads this, he will immediately know who I am. :)

Peanut and I were talking last night about joining a personal finance book club, if we can find one. We're already in a science fiction book club (that's how we met, actually) and I'm in two others, but we like to read and we like to discuss what we're reading...and we like to talk about money and we want to talk about money with other people who also like to talk about money. So we're going to start doing some scouting for one.

I noticed there seems to be a theme going around lately of personal finance and style/fashion. Stacking Pennies made up a list similar to my clothes shopping list last month. Single Ma talks about building a professional wardrobe on a budget. All About Appearances talked about the five hallmarks of her personal style. And Meg talks about buying cheap stuff versus quality (which to her means brand name/luxury, from what I can tell) pieces.

I have given up on my clothes shopping list for a while. I realized I just have ENOUGH. I may not have the specific pieces that I want to have, but I certainly can't complain about not having anything to wear. I am working on culling my wardrobe to the point that I actually wear everything I own at least somewhat regularly and then I will start adding the pieces I feel I am missing.

I don't think I can name five hallmarks of my personal style. I'm still figuring it out, but I find myself drawn toward hippy-dippy type stuff with flowing bits. I have several maroon/pink/black skirts. I like black (but I live in NYC, I can hardly help it) and purple. I would LIKE to have a style similar to one of my coworkers--she works in the art department and each and every item she wears is slightly unique or has an interesting detail. I've never seen her in a plain t-shirt. I would like to have each piece of clothing that I buy really represent ME.

Single Ma and Meg both talked about buying quality vs. quantity and I totally agree. I do NOT agree, however, that brand names or luxury items are better quality. I find that non-brand-name items can be excellent quality and last a long time without me advertising some designer and paying for that "privilege".

Underwear is another area I'd rather go to Ross or TJMaxx for. A fifty dollar bra does not last any longer than a $5 bra in my experience, and I'd rather have more interesting and fun undies than quality pieces that will last a long time. Underwear is not an area where I find longevity to be a benefit.

Bottom line: To steal Michael Pollan's line: "Buy quality. Not too much. What you need."


  1. i buy quality but not necessarily the most expansive. ex. i would buy TSE cashmere in basic styles during summer sale and they are good for years.

  2. Maybe we can start our own nyc pf book club. I would definitely be up for joining one!

  3. Thanks for the link to All About Appearances!

    Like the other Meg, I also believe in buying quality -- though, like you, I don't necessarily believe that it means spending a lot on designer brands. I'm a Ross and T.J. Maxx girl, myself. There's a lot of great quality clothes to be found at those places but even there you can't judge pieces by their brands. I try to inspect each piece carefully before purchase. A quick look at the seams can be very telling.


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