Friday, August 29, 2008

Hoping for a cheap weekend

Oh, man.

I have spent way too much money on food this month. Part of the problem is that the challenge Peanut and I were doing required me to report ALL spending on anything that I consumed as food, and I didn't do that before. My budget allows me to categorize the (almost) daily Dr. Pepper as coming from "blow" money, and beer and bar food at pub quizzes or book club meetings as "entertainment". It wasn't an attempt to by shady, but that's how I divided it up--the food budget category applies to groceries and straight-up eating out, like lunch at work.

So that added to the sticker shock. Eating out while travelling caused an increase. But also, I've just been going out a lot, and to expensive places. I met a friend last night, and dropped $30 on a tasty meal and wine (with lunch for today). Still. That's almost a week's worth of cooking at home.

Today I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch, and Peanut's roomate&girlfriend invited us for dinner tonight...but I have to say no. I'm really busy this weekend, which is a good excuse--but it is about the money, too. Just looking at how much I've spent (more than $330, just off the top of my head)--I KNOW I can cut that down, probably by at least $100, which is $100 a month more into my Lasik fund, putting me that much closer. Having a hard and fast goal is great motivation.

This weekend we already have some firm plans. Today I have numerous errands to run (library, bank, post office, drug store, etc) and chores to do (laundry, clean bathroom, clean living room, clean everything). We want to see The Dark Knight in Imax. We're going to Hoboken tomorrow with roomate&girlfriend (which means some eating out). We're going to the Red Hook ballfields on Sunday, the whole point of which is to visit the food carts. I have an entire day of rehearsals and belly dance bonding on Monday, which probably also means eating out at least once.

I'm exhausted already. I would like to have a day to myself, to stay home and play video games with Peanut or read. I would like to not feel rushed. I would like to not feel like I have to spend money to spend time with people I care about.

It's been an overwhelming month, and I have to cut it down. School starts next week, and I have to start taking lunch and dinner to work with me. I have to get a handle on saying no to people, out of self-preservation.


  1. i have the same problems, i feel bad turning people down when they want to go to dinner etc. but have hope! just start packing up lunch and you're well on your way to saving a ton of money again.

  2. I tend to invite people around to our place and cook for them rather than eating out all the time, which actually turns out quite cheap. Especially if you tell each person to bring something, like a desert, salad, or bottle of wine or something. I've just discovered your site and it looks really great btw. I'm going to keep reading :)


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