Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thrift on the Sly, haircuts, and BINGO

WiseBread talks about how to Fake It Till You Make It and How to Be a High End Cheapskate. I could use some of this advice! Luckily, my job and industry are not focused on external flashiness, but I know I could still stand to appear a little more polished.

I'm taking steps to do that--I bought a fabulous and professional bag over the weekend which looks much more pulled-together than the canvas publishers' bags I was using to tote around my lunch, books and sweater every day. I am reminding myself to wear simple, understated jewelry almost every day. And I'm getting my mane of hair tamed in one week so hopefully I won't have wild bedhead every day.

I think I've mentioned that I have long, thick, curly, crazy hair. I don't use heat (no blow dryers, no straighteners) and I don't brush it so it doesn't get damaged quickly, so I only have her cut it twice or maybe three times a year. I even went about three years without having anyone cut it--I just trimmed split ends as I saw them. Even now, I don't realize until I have weeks of bad hair days that it's because it needs a CUT not more mousse.

My hairdresser is a friend of mine, who charges a very reasonable price, which works for me because I don't like having it washed and styled at a salon. I usually tell her any caveats I have--must be able to pull it back in a ponytail or bun, no bangs, or whatever--and let her do what she thinks looks good. I've yet to be less than ecstatic with what she does. I may tell her she's free to go a little shorter this time--I've actually shaved my entire head before, but I prefer my hair shoulder-length or longer (it's currently to mid-back when dry, to my waist when wet). I might tell her I want it so short I can't pull it back...but then I have an awkward growing out period to look forward to. Whatever. I'm kind of in the mood for something different.

I went to bingo earlier this week while visiting my grandmother. She was sick and wasn't able to go, but she insisted my sister and I go without her. We had a blast! I won $5 and my sister won $25, which was great but we didn't remotely come out ahead. I can't imagine people who play this who can't afford to lose the money we lost (about $80 each, which my grandmother gave us to play with so it wasn't a "real" loss). Still, I had a very nice time and look forward to going when my grandmother feels well.

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