Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Which is the better present?

So a while ago, Peanut asked me to come home with him for Christmas. This will be the first time meeting his family (gulp!) and will save me from either going to my parents for Christmas or spending it alone in the city. (Call me a terrible person, but I can only handle my own family every other holiday--and since last year, I spent Christmas day alone in an airport after missing my flight due to my mother's chronic lateness, heartbroken after being dumped a week before...this year, I am not going home.)

Yesterday, Peanut asked what I wanted for Christmas--for him to buy my plane ticket to the midwest, or for me to buy my ticket and him to buy me a present(s) instead.


It'd be great to have someone buy my plane ticket home to meet their family--I think it's a really gallant gesture, and I know that he would like to do it "just because" but I also know his finances are limited like mine are, so it boils down to either the ticket or a gift. However, I'm also more than a little curious to see what he would get me for a gift--we've been dating a little over four months now, are fairly serious, have talked a bit about the future...but we've not crossed any gift-giving events. I don't want to let him off the hook for shopping, because I'll still have to shop for him! The other thing is that I have a travel sinking fund set up, and I have enough money in it to cover the cost of my ticket.

I think I'm leaning towards each buying our own tickets and exchanging gifts, but we'll talk some more about it and I'll decide. What would you do?


  1. definitely buy your own tickets. it would be great for him to buy your tickets but at the back of your head you'll think "ohmygod, this is such a GRAND GESTURE" etc...and it might even unconsciously influence how much you money you spend on buying his gifts and other future presents. just a thought.

  2. The ticket might *cost* more, but half the fun in getting presents is to see what the person picks out for you and what they think you might enjoy. I agree, buy your own ticket and just enjoy the gift exchange.

  3. buy gifts. I would feel so guilty about buying the tickets because they are so much more expensive then I would spend on a gift.

  4. Have him get the ticket. You can put the money would have spent towards your debt/retirement/savings, etc.

    What is your ultimate goal here?


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