Tuesday, September 16, 2008

10 Things to Do Before 30

As borrowed from Fabulously Broke in the City

10 Things to Do Before 30

1. Get Lasik surgery. I'm aiming to do this next year and I'm actually about halfway there in terms of saving for it. The more I think about what it will be like to wake up and be able to SEE instead of needing glasses to find my glasses...geez, it makes me tear up. I've worn corrective lenses since I was about six (more than twenty years!) and I can't wear contacts anymore.

2. Get electrolysis (underarms and bikini line). This is a totally frivolous thing that I really want to do for myself. I'm planning to do this with part of the reimbursement money from Lasik. I have incredibly tender skin and shaving or depilating really irritates, so in the long run I could argue that I'm saving money on creams, waxing, razors, etc...

3. Develop a regular fitness routine that I will actually keep up with. I will not be a dancer forever, but I want to hang on to the strength that I've developed over the last four years. I don't want to be a body builder, nor do I want to join a gym, but a simple routine incorporating yoga and resistance training and maybe some jogging would be great.

4. Finish grad school to get my master's degree. I'm on track to do this by December 2009 or May 2010!

5. Pay off my student loans from grad school. This would mean paying off all my loans in about a year. I will be able to pay off about half immediately with reimbursement from my company, and all extra money will get funneled into the highest payments I can manage.

6. Develop a wardrobe that protrays me well. This post over at Wardrobe Oxygen really struck a chord with me. I am committing at least half of her fashion faux-pas (ironic tee-shirts, miniskirts, cheap bras, cheap polyester skirts, club tops and suiting, only I have no suits instead of cheap suits). According to her chart, I have a few more years to get away with these style mishaps, but I'd like to start correcting them sooner than later. As I clothes shop going forward, I'm going to keep her suggestions in mind.

7. Get my retirement contributions up to a full 15% AND fund a Roth IRA. I think now I'm at 9 or 10% with a 6% company match which is definitely a good start. With each raise I'm going to add at least 1% to that total until I reach 15%, and as soon as my student loans are paid off, I'll start a category to fully fund a Roth each year. I'm going to retire rich, dammit.

8. Work out my issues. I've been going to therapy for about 9 months now, and it's done me a world of good. I still have a ways to go, but I'm committed to following through on this. I'm sure I seem normal, and I'm certainly able to cope, but I have a history of depression and anxiety related to my parents' divorce and being raised in a very strict, almost cult-like religious atmosphere. Nothing a little couch-time can't handle, I just have to stick it through this time instead of quitting when it gets uncomfortable.

9. Take a real vacation
. I want to take a cruise, or go to Europe, or something...something fabulous that doesn't involve going to visit family (not that I don't love them, but it's not very relaxing!). I'd like to find a last-minute cruise deal for dirt cheap or something like that.

10. Develop some perspective. Sometimes I feel so old...thirty is not all that far away, and the years keep speeding up as I get older. I feel left behind since most of my friends are married and having children, even though I don't want that for myself rightthisminute. Other times, I feel like I'm still just getting the hang of it all, and that I'm getting away with something when I get carded at a bar. I'm only in my twenties! I have my whole life ahead of me! It can get exhausting to swing between these two (and a zillion other) extremes, so I want to work on developing some perspective and awareness that will keep me from freaking out about things that are not freak-out-worthy.

There is no way I have enough income to accomplish all these goals. Perhaps number 10a should be learning to prioritize.

And as a total aside, Lise's post on coupon vs. generics is a great study in unit pricing and whether generics are a better value than name brands with a coupon (assuming quality is exactly the same, which as we all know, USUALLY is true but not always). I recommend it.


  1. This was a great post! I hope to do a number of the same things prior to turning 30. It's great to know what you want, so you can plan accordingly.

  2. Great post. I think number 10 is something that will come naturally as you get older. I'm the same as you, in my mid 20s and sometimes feel like a kid, and other times feel as old as the hills. I'm hoping I start to feel a little bit more sane about stuff as I go along. Here's hoping...

  3. Thanks for the mention! I can sympathize with those goals, especially establishing a regular fitness routine.

    If anything, my problem is that I have TOO many goals ;)


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