Monday, September 22, 2008

An almost-cheap weekend

I had such a great, relaxing, and fun weekend I was disappointed to come to work this morning, and that's pretty rare since I like my job.

Peanut and I made biscuits and gravy on Saturday morning, which I'd been craving. That was the first time I've ever had turkey sausage--the first time I've ever had turkey anything, actually. (For new readers, I have been a vegetarian all my life and am slowly trying meat to see if I still want to be a vegetarian.) To my surprise, the turkey sausage tastes exactly like the Morningstar Farms fake sausage, and the gravy I made from scratch was not bad.

We ate at home for almost every meal, and I must confess, I'm getting a little sick of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We intended to make some other meals too, but got caught up in video games and never really went grocery shopping.

We also finally went to see The Dark Knight, in Imax--for $32! We enjoyed it but Peanut definitely thought it wasn't worth paying extra for Imax and I agree. Oh well--we had a lot of fun wandering through a street fair on the way to the theater and I restrained from buying a weird dress that I've been wanting. Knowing that all my extra money is going to Lasik really has me ignoring spending opportunities right and left.

I did laundry on Sunday, the first time since May that I didn't do it on a summer Friday afternoon, and I noticed something really disturbing--the big washers cost $4 a load. Sure, that's expensive...but I'm pretty sure that when I was doing laundry on Friday afternoons, those same washers were $2.75. Is it possible that the 'mat jacks up the price on the weekends, when more people have to do laundry? If so...if so, I'm really irritated by them. I have to drop off a pair of pants at the dry cleaners associated with them, so I'm going to make a point of doing that during the week and checking the cost of the washers then. If they DO raise the price on the weekends, I think I might complain to the management. That's pretty nasty of them. I probably wouldn't quit going there,'s by far the closest one to my apartment and they're open 24 hours, so I could do my laundry in the evenings at the cheaper price.

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