Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Auction Sniper

I don't usually post referral links, but I just found out about this one, and it's really something I can support.

I've been using Auction Sniper for a few years, and it's pretty much the only way I can stand to deal with eBay anymore. I just enter the item number of the thing I want to buy and the highest price I'm willing to pay, and the program attempts to make me the high bidder at the very last moment of the auction. I don't always win, because other people might snipe at a higher price or a closer interval, but it works about 50% of the time, and it's 100% more accurate than me trying to sit in at the last minute and outbid everyone else (mostly because I simply don't have TIME to be at the computer when an auction is ending).

So far, I have only used my free snipes, and if you click on the link above and sign up using me as a referral, I'll get more free snipes. You'll get free snipes for signing up too, and I think it's a great service (or I wouldn't suggest you sign up and ask that if you do, you give me free snipes). :)

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