Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dress up edition

I'm sitting at my desk at work in a Tudor-era dress. This happens to me sometimes.

We're presenting a marketing plan for our best-selling historical fiction author, and we've had four Tudor-era dresses made up to accompany her on the tour for her stops, so me and three coworkers get to model them for the sales and marketing departments. It's a little goofy, but I like to play dress-up, and this dress is truly stunning (and only a bit too big for me).

Yesterday was my first day back at school for the fall semester. The class is in finance/accounting, I might have found a new calling. I love books, and I love words, but I also love seeing budgets balance and finding economical ways to do things. I think working in the finance or accounting department of a publishing house might really fulfill a lot of my interests. Of course, I have time to decide on this still, but I'm looking forward to the class for the rest of the semester.

At the beginning of August, Peanut created a shared spreadsheet on Google docs for us to track all of our food spending, which is how I know exactly how much we spent. Now, I already keep a spreadsheet of all of my spending and I'm not going to give that up. It really helps me keep track of things for tax purposes, and my tax situation is really wonky. So I'm entering information into two places, but for the first time I have accountability.

Now, Peanut and I are not sharing expenses. We do not live together, and we don't have any joint accounts--we've only been dating a few months. But we're on the same page financially and we have a lot of the same financial goals (get out of debt, including student loan debt, save up emergency funds, save for big purchases, invest and get rich!) so it makes sense for us to do these challenges together, and the accountability has been GREAT for me.

Last night in class, I really wanted a Dr. Pepper. But I knew if I drank it (at 8 p.m.) I'd be up late at night. I also knew that I'd have to record the $1.35-$2 it would cost in the I didn't buy one. Success!

Peanut and I have also discussed eating out only when it's for a mystery shop. I've been getting a lot of higher-end restaurant shops lately (where the meals are $80-100 for two) so it's not like we'll be stuck eating at McDonalds once a month. We'll get the chance to have a date at a nice restaurant, for free! And if we don't eat out anytime the mood strikes us, it'll make it all the more special.


  1. The dress sounds amazing! I hope you took pictures.

    It's so great that you and peanut are on the same financial wavelength. I frequently read blogs about married couples that have issues with lying about money...or spending behind the back of the other...

  2. yeah i want to see pictures too! i agree with savingdiva, it's great to be in sync with your partner about financial issues.


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