Monday, September 29, 2008

End of the month--already?

Last Thursday, I lamented that I had to buy lunch and dinner but it ended up not being too bad. Lunch was less than $5 (Subway) and dinner wound up being free-ish--my friend (who makes quite a bit more than me and lives at home) picked up the bill and I picked up the tip, so spent only about $15 (I also paid for my drink at a happy hour going-away party).

I also talked myself out of going for sushi this weekend, on the premise that a) it would have been a bit disloyal to Peanut (he loves this place too, and was not able to go) and b) I'd have to report it in the spreadsheet and we're doing so well. We will finish the month at under $450 combined; last month, if you remember, we spent $785. I'm quite sure we can do better than this (I'm thinking between $250-300 if we do a little more meal planning and shop in bulk instead of swinging by the grocery store every night).

Tonight I might have to buy dinner--I have no school class due to Rosh Hoshanna so I'll want to make dance class, which means I don't know if poptarts will cut it. Days that I have school I usually have a poptart or granola bar brought from home, and then when I get home around 9 eat some ramen with frozen veggies or a sandwich when I'm famished. But dance class is too physically demanding to handle this way and I don't think I'll have time to run home and then come back. If I do end up eating out, I'll keep it under $5, which is all the cash I have on me until payday tomorrow.

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