Friday, September 12, 2008

Food, glorious food!

This week has been all lunches, all the time. Peanut and I have been working hard to take our lunches to work every day, and we also agreed to eat out only when it's a mystery shop. We've been doing very well with the first, and sort of okay with the second.

We did manage to bring our lunches every day this month, aside from the exceptions I'll talk about below. It's much easier when someone else is helping me be accountable! And it's fun for us to plan and make them together or for each other. When we take sandwiches, we can sometimes meet in a park for lunch, and that's nice too.

We did agree not to go out to eat unless it was for a mystery shop, since I'm getting nice restaurant shops about once a week. However, I already had a planned lunch out (yesterday) and dinner out (tonight) and I said I was going to keep those dates. I think he felt a little left out of the eating-out, so he's buying lunch for himself today too. I think that's fine--we're doing this to save money and as a challenge, and I think it's important to not be so strict about it that we'll get bitter and give it up.

However, yesterday's lunch was at Olive Garden and I spent $30. OUCH. Granted, it's Olive Garden in New York, but still. A soft drink, an appetizer split three ways, and a low-priced entree...that hurt. I did eat sparingly so I'll have the leftovers for lunch today. That one meal cost about what my lunch groceries for two weeks cost.

Tonight I'll be eating out and I'll have to decide whether to order wine. I'm betting my friends do, and we always split the bill evenly by long-standing agreement, so I might as well. But that raises the's tough being strict.

However, after tonight, it's back to sandwiches and chips, grapes and carrots, leftover pasta and breakfast-for-dinner. Cooking together has drawn Peanut and I closer and is a lot of fun for us. Gentlemen, it's true--you definitely look your best with a spatula in one hand and a potholder on the other. :)

I think this weekend I'm going to push for a Costco trip. While our groceries have been fairly cheap from the regular grocery store, I bet we can get more varied snacks for cheaper--and I think this kick is going to last a while.

My other spending surprises have been for school. I've been careful to bring snacks and a water bottle for my evening classes, but the rooms are COLD and I've been getting a little drained, so both nights this week I paid $.75 for a demitasse of coffee. I could be getting free coffee from work if I had a travel mug so...I'm going to look for one to pick up this weekend. It would pay for itself in less than a month.

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  1. olive garden for $30? thats way too expensive! i definitely think its worth it to spring money for a travel mug especially if you plan on drinking coffee a lot.


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