Friday, September 19, 2008

Rewards for doing well

Peanut and I have been diligent this week about bringing our lunches to work every day, and we get gold stars! Five days of homemade lunches means we are ok with going out to eat with his roommate tonight.

I know, I know--we said we weren't going out to eat unless it was a mystery shop. Oh, well--we're planning on it on purpose (planned since Wednesday) because his roommate is kind of having a rough time (long distance girlfriend) and Peanut hasn't spent much time with him lately, mostly because the roommate likes to go to semi-expensive restaurants and doesn't get the whole budgeting concept that we're working.

I'm looking forward to it--I've never been to this place before and have wanted to go, and I understand the food is great and the prices are very reasonable. Plus, I have had a hell of a week, and need something to drink!

2008 has been a year in which I'm trying to automate and digitize as much of my life as possible. That said, I still carry a check register around. Not a checkbook--I only write a few checks a month and don't want to risk losing it. Just a checkbook cover with two check registers in it, one for each bank account (personal and "business"--another personal account at a different bank to be used solely for mystery shopping and dance expenses). But it occurred to me this week that I could totally digitize those registers and have one less thing to carry around with me in hard copy. So I've been working on transferring the last month of expenses to spread sheets and saving them to my thumb drive. I'm also hoping to (this weekend) get a program or write a script or something that will automatically back up the sheets on my thumb drive to my laptop's hard drive every time I plug it in, so it will be almost like syncing my smartphone and computer. I'd put the spreadsheets on my smartphone, but they're too big and make the phone run other features sluggishly.

This weekend looks to be another frugal one--aside from our dinner out and a possible movie, we'll be cooking and eating in, playing video games, doing laundry/cleaning house, reading, and maybe free yoga in the park. I'd hoped to book a job this weekend, but that didn't happen--maybe next weekend.

Oh, I also booked Spa Week appointments already--for those of you in major metropolitan areas, you are CRAZY if you don't take advantage of these deals.

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