Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend update and some meal planning

Saving Diva posted her meal plans for the week--since accountability seems to be working so well for me, I'm going to do that this week, too, including lunches and dinners. We'll see how much I stick with it; most of my meals involve Peanut so we might compromise quite a bit.

Lunch--provided by work (book club meeting)
Dinner--bean burrito, left over from last night

Lunch--I don't know! I'm getting home very late tonight (around 11) and have no food in my apartment, where we're staying. Maybe Peanut will make me a pb&j or another burrito since all the food's at his place right now. Otherwise, I can buy a cheap subway lunch ($4).
Dinner--mystery shop at a burger joint

Lunch--probably another burrito, if we still have stuff leftover. Otherwise, pb&j, chips and grapes or an apple.
Dinner--likely a granola bar because of school, and then ramen with frozen veggies when I get home from class.

Lunch--another sandwich with grapes and chips, maybe meeting Peanut for lunch in a park if it's nice out.
Dinner--Peanut and his roommate have been talking about doing steaks. Maybe they'll do it this night, and I'll have my vegetarian substitute (I have been eating chicken a little at a time, but I still can't face red meat). We'll make mashed potatoes and some side veggie too--yum!

Lunch--if we do steaks on Thursday night, that'll give me leftovers for Friday lunch.
Dinner--more of the same? Or maybe fried rice.

I had a pretty cheap weekend--I was determined to take some time for myself, so I did. I slept in late, played a lot of video games, watched most of the first season of Scrubs, did some homework, and spent lots of quality time with Peanut. I didn't get laundry done, which is about the only thing that could have made it better. (Although, if I'd done laundry, I would have had to give up something else, so I guess it evens out).

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