Monday, October 13, 2008

A mashup from this past weekend

Peanut and I relaxed a little on the no-eating-out and the spend-as-little-as-possible-on-food rules this weekend, and I am very glad. I hadn't realized that it was sort of getting to me. Even though we ate out twice (dinner on Saturday at our favorite sushi place, and lunch on Sunday from the deli at whole foods), we only spent $30 combined and had a very nice and social time.

It was an unusual situation because we met up with some of his friends from out of town, so we probably won't be doing this all the time, but it was nice to know we could do it and not go overboard. One thing that probably helped was that Saturday, his friends were quite late showing up so we had a cheap snack at home before going out--which meant we ate less than usual. And Sunday, we split a salad and a bag of chips, knowing we had a yummy dinner planned at home.

We also went clothes shopping for Peanut yesterday, and ostensibly for me, but I just cannot bring myself to go clothes shopping with other people. He got a whole bunch of stuff, some of which he sorely needed (yay, shoes with no holes in them!) but I tried on a few things, felt rushed, and didn't buy anything at all. I have never liked shopping with other people, even girlfriends, because I feel bad taking as much time as I want to try stuff on and agonize over whether I want it. Also, I don't need anything right now, though I want a lot of stuff, and all I could think about was how every $30 towards clothes was $30 I was not putting towards Lasik.

My mother sent me two books and a very chic skirt from a consignment shop. The skirt was seriously on sale; my mom said it was a great deal. The books are a great gift--Tisha is one of my favorite books from childhood, and the other is one that I've been wanting to read--but the skirt is problematic. It fits, but only just, and is high-waisted, something I have never managed to pull off. It's a French label, and has a thigh slit that I'm not sure is appropriate for my workplace, though it might be ok with the right top and some dark stockings and high boots. But that means I'd need to buy the right top and dark stockings and high boots. So was this a good deal, or not? My mom only spent $3 on it--but I will have to spend close to $100 to make it work. A gift that requires the recipient to spend money to use it is not usually a great gift. However, my mom's heart was in the right place, so I'll hang on to the skirt for a while to see if anything comes up that matches it perfectly. If I haven't worn it in six months, I'll give it away.

And lastly, I figured out what I'm getting for Peanut for his birthday in two months. I had a couple ideas, but I think this one is perfect, and I'll get to enjoy it, too. It winds up being about $10 over the $100 budget I had planned, but I will do a smaller Christmas gift and it will balance out. I will also look for a coupon code or something to see if I can get a better deal. Unfortunately, I can't post the details here since he might find it so...well, I'll just describe it after the fact!

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  1. Your mum rocks, sending you presents. What a sweetie!

    I recently found myself in the middle of a high-waisted skirt dillema, too! I found that you can't beat a leotard from American Apparel to go under a high-waisted skirt. They're cheap too, and will go with loads of stuff. :)


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