Monday, October 20, 2008

weekend update with Little Miss Moneybags

This weekend, we spent $30 and waited three hours for a pizza. And it was worth it! Definitely the tastiest pizza I've ever had, and watching Dom make dozens of pizzas, including ours, was a treat. It even gave me an idea for part of Peanut's Christmas present.

Other than that, I spent much of this weekend studying. Midterms are this week so I will be under the radar until they're over. The nice thing is that ought to keep me from spending much money.

It's time for me to start making Lasik consultation appointments and figure out which doctor to go with for the surgery. I've decided to max out my medical flex spending account for 2009 to $5,000, which will probably not cover all of my medical expenses for the year (Lasik, doctor/dentist appointments, therapy if I keep going, prescriptions at $200 per year...yikes!). This will lower my taxable income considerably, and will lower each paycheck by about $150. I'll probably be getting a raise when my review comes around in a few weeks but ouch...I'm very, very nervous about my rent going up now. If it goes up more than, say, five percent, I'm going to be hurting very badly (and my apartment is not rent stabilized, so it's conceivable it could go up much higher than that). I really like my apartment, and I like my building, and I realllllly don't want to move again. Moving frequently is the biggest money-drain I've faced since living in New York, and I want to stay in one place for several years.

I guess if the rent goes up more than I can afford (I won't know until January) I will talk to the landlord. I've paid on time every month and am a good tenant (no complaints, no problems, etc). I'm hoping he'll be lenient--he lowered the asking price of the rent when I looked at the place, so that's a good sign.

I keep trying to tell myself that I cannot stress about this--there's no point. I don't know what I'll be making next year. I don't know if the rent will rise or by how much. So until I can know these things, why let them eat at me?


  1. yeah, just take care of it when the time comes, otherwise, just chillax!

  2. You might want to look into Lasik outside of NYC. The Syracuse Lasik center advertises a price of about $400 per eye for the basic surgery. You could fly to Syracuse on Jet Blue cheaply I think. Might be worth looking into..... I had Lasik done up in Canada. Just needed one eye done and it was the best $400 I ever spent!

  3. I've thought about doing Lasik outside of NYC--most likely I would travel to my parents' house so they would be available to pick me up after the surgery.

    It doesn't look like the savings would be that great, however--with the cost of plane tickets on the rise and the additional expense of time off work and possible follow up visits requiring another's just not worth it.

    Plus, I'd rather recuperate at home, where I can wander around blindly if I need to.


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