Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday, November 20

Normal bagel routine followed. $.75

I had a lunch with a friend. We had agreed to meet at a deli midway between our offices. I packed a sandwich and intended to only get chips and a drink (I felt a little weird about this, but I didn't want to spend the standard $10-12 at this place). I ended up getting some steamed veggies as well for a total of $6.37. I could have done better.

Right before I left work, I bought my mom's birthday present off Etsy ($34.00) and then found my sister's Christmas present ($24.00), both paid by Paypal. The gift shopping, it has officially started!

I also paid my electric/gas bill for the month: $53.02. Seems criminal for how little time I spend there nowadays. And I got paid for several mystery shops completed last month: $42.00.

Peanut unexpectedly took me out for dinner and to a show for our seventh monthiversary. Actually, it just so happened that he found tickets at TKTS for a show we've been wanting to see, and it also happened to be our monthiversary (we normally don't really celebrate), but I teased him that this set a precedent and I will expect dinner and a show for every monthiversary from now on. He offered to compromise and only celebrate every seventh. We'll see. :)

Daily tally:
Spent: $118.14
Brought in: $42.00


  1. I just realized...if you're celebrating a 7th monthiversary that means I've been reading your blog for over 7 months! lol. Congrats on both...

    I can't wait to officially start my holiday "shopping". I love checking things off lists.

  2. Wow, thanks!

    I'm finally getting into the shopping spirit. My first bit of "window" shopping online gave me a lot of ideas.

  3. I've really loved reading your daily tallies lately. I love reading your posts in general, so it's been great to count on you posting every day. :-)

  4. Oh, thanks, Cate! Welcome to the blogging world--I've added you to my regular reading list.


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